Assistance for Creating a Nutrient Management Plan

It has been eight years since NR-151 took effect. Here are some documents and videos designed to help you update or create your nutrient management plan. These plans are a requirement for all fertilized turfgrass areas of 5 acres or larger. Please email with any questions.

NR-151 – the administrative rule itself

Technical Standard 1100 – a document that lays out the specifics of a nutrient management plan for turf

Turfgrass Nutrient Management Planning – a UW-Extension publication to help with complying with NR-151

Video 1 – Introduction and overview of NR-151

Video 2 – How to obtain the required maps using Web Soil Survey

Video 3 – Developing a nutrient management plan

Template – A document that you can use to start your nutrient management plan

Fact Sheets – Short documents that attempt to convey the main aspects of the Technical Standard 1100

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