Annual bluegrass suppression with Embark

Suggested Timing:
Target GDD Range: 400-500
Source:Calhoun – Michigan State University (2006)

Suggested Rates:
Greens: Embark T&O and 2S are not labeled for use on putting greens. Read the USGA Green Section article below for more information about Embark on greens.
Fairways: Embark 2S can be applied to between 5 and 8 fl oz per acre on fairways.

Kentucky bluegrass and perennial ryegrass will be injured by Embark. Injury may be worse if frost occurs and or cool temperatures persist following application. Injury may be masked with iron application.

Managing Poa annua seed heads on putting greens
Field testing PGRs and wetting agents for seedhead suppression of annual bluegrass