2012 Wisconsin Turfgrass Field Day on July 31

There was an almost audible collective sigh of relief from around Wisconsin when some us finally received rain last week.  It was a long time coming.

I lived through the hot and dry years of 1976 and 1988 and can remember working full days for weeks on end, to the point of not being certain whether it was Tuesday or Saturday.  The growing season of 2012 could potentially be worse than either ’76 or ’88.

Our WTA Field Day is July 31, just a week away.  Sometimes the best thing to do for yourself during a stressful period is to get away from the ranch and spend at least part of the day with friends who are going through what you are.  Sharing experiences, problems and even war stories can put things in perspective and maybe make you feel a little better about your own situation.

The faculty have tailored their presentations to the season at hand, so there will be lots to learn.  They will also be around to answer questions and give some help.

Until then, let’s pray for some rain and a few days of normal temperatures.  We’d all feel better.

Monroe S. Miller
WTA Ambassador

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